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  • How did Wild Light Films start?
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    Before getting into wedding videography, I was actually in a nationally touring band called Go Radio (Click here to watch me smash some drums).  In 2013 our singer decided that he no longer wanted to tour and was ready to start a family and settle down. So after 7 years of touring and grinding, the band called it quits.  We honestly didn’t see it coming so it threw us all for a loop. At the time Go Radio had about 8 months of touring left so that’s when I had to figure out what was next for me.

    Shortly after, I was talking with a friend about the situation and he mentioned that he was wanting to expand his wedding photography business and looking for a 2nd shooter. He asked If weddings were something that I’d be interested to me and honestly, it did.  If you know me, you know I love being surrounded by genuinely happy, loving and exciting people and for me, weddings are exactly that!  After shooting my first wedding, I was hooked!

    Fast forward a year and that’s when I made my transition into videography.  I started Wild Light Films in 2015 because I found that I had a knack for making wedding videos a little differently by using my personal style and fashion-forward editing techniques!  Up until this point, it’s just been me and because of that I’ve only able to do so many weddings a year. In 2018 that all changed. I met an amazing videographer from San Diego name Leo who loved to film weddings but hated editing them — this is how the the team started.

    My team is a very small group of hand-picked videographers that I’ve trained to not only film in the same style as me but are also bad ass people who are just fun to be around (which is super important!).

  • How many weddings do you take on each year?
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    We only take on about 24 weddings a year. We do this so that we can give every wedding our absolute best.

    My editing is a very detailed and meticulous process so I try not to overload or rush it ☺

  • Do you offer photography?
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    We only specialize in videography but can recommend some bad ass photographers who are amazing and a dream to work with!

  • How big is the Wild Light team?
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    My team is actually just a small group of 5 select videographers including myself.

    We’re based out of:

    • North Florida (Steve)
    • Los Angeles (Charles)
    • Phoenix (Ben)
    • Georgia (Robbie & Scott)
  • What's your creative process and who picks the music?
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    I always want my films to reflect my couples taste in music and style so I ask them to send me 8-10 of songs that they love and think would be fun for the video. Of course if you want me to find a song, I totally can! I’ll send some songs that I feel match your wedding and you tell me which one you love the most. Music is super important to the video because it sets the tone and mood, so picking the one that fits you might take some time but will totally be worth it.

  • Do you travel? Where are you based?

    We love to travel and do for most of our weddings.

    Videographers are based out of:

    • North Florida (Steve)
    • Los Angeles (Charles)
    • Phoenix (Ben)
    • Georgia (Robbie & Scott)
    • Oakland (Mark)

    🚶🏽 There is no additional charge for weddings within 2 hours of any of our videographers.

    🚘 Weddings within driving distance but not quite close enough for a same day drive (3-4 hours), there is a $150 weekend travel fee and need a place to stay  for 2 nights.

    ✈️ Any other distance, there is a $150 weekend travel fee and we’d just need the basics: flight, car and hotel for 3 nights — we’ll cover everything else!

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