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  • How many weddings do you take on each year?
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    We only take on about 20-24 weddings a year.

  • Do you offer photography?
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    We only specialize in videography but can recommend some bad ass photographers who are amazing and a dream to work with!

  • How big is the Wild Light team?
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    My team is actually just a small group of 5 select videographers including myself.

    We’re based out of:

    • North Florida (Steve)
    • Los Angeles (Charles)
    • Oakland (Mark)
    • Georgia (Robbie & Scott)
  • What's your creative process and who picks the music?
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    I always want my films to reflect my couples taste in music and style so I ask them to send me 8-10 of songs that they love and think would be fun for the video. Of course if you want me to find a song, I totally can! I’ll send some songs that I feel match your wedding and you tell me which one you love the most. Music is super important to the video because it sets the tone and mood, so picking the one that fits you might take some time but will totally be worth it.

  • Do you travel? Are there any fees?

    We don’t need much, just the basics: food, shelter & travel!

    πŸ“Β There is no additional charge for weddings within 2 hours of any of our videographers.

    🚘  Weddings driving distance but not close enough for a same day drive (3-5 hours), we would just need a hotel for 2 nights.

    ✈️  We love traveling for our weddings but totally understand that it adds up and can break the budget real quick.Β  Because of that I don’t charge any fee to have my videographer block off their entire weekend. I’ll also cover everything from weekend airport parking/ridesharing, the expensive airport food and drinks, hotel parking, fuel, per diem for the weekend, and any other travel expenses they normally wouldn’t have.Β  I just ask that you cover flight, rental car and hotel for 3 nights.

    Why 3 Nights?Β  Anytime we fly we give ourselves a “buffer” day so that if we run into any issues or delays we still have plenty of time to get there before the wedding.

    For the hotel, some couples will get a block of rooms for guest/family and will just add an extra room for us but if you would rather not have to worry about booking, I can search the average price of hotels within 15 – 20 minutes of your wedding location, confirm with you and add that amount into the final pricing.

    I do prefer to book our own flight and rental car but will always confirm all travel costs before booking anything.