Embraced | 15th Year Anniversary Vinyl || Commercial
January 5, 2017

If you asked me what got me in to music, I would say the band No Doubt BUT if you asked me what made me want to continue to play music, I would tell you its because of this band and 4 of my best friends. Being only a senior in high school, we made a record, signed to theory eight, toured the states and flipped a van in Kansas… something I’ll never forget.

We were kids, we had fun but I always think back about this record and the meaning it has to me. 15 years later, we decided to press it to vinyl: for ourselves and small devoted crew who celebrated youth and head walking.
Below you will find a special video that I cut together for this limited vinyl release! There is only 300 pressed so if you’re even thinking about picking one up, I’d do so now.

Preorder: http://bit.ly/embracedpreorder
Footage shot by: Kevin Moraczewski