I’ve put together some of my most popular items and packaged them together to create 4 different collections to choose from. If you’re looking for more coverage, an additional day or just want something super custom just let me know, I’m always open to new ideas and would love to prepare a special collection just for you.


  • Day Of:
    • Coverage by Steven
    • Second Videographer
    • 12 Hours of Coverage
    • Two Rolls of Super 8mm Film for Coverage


  • Day Of:
    • Coverage by Steven
    • 10 Hours of Coverage
    • One Roll of Super 8mm Film for Coverage


  • Day Of:
    • Coverage by Steven
    • 8 Hours of Coverage
    • One Roll of Super 8mm Film for Coverage


  • Day Of:
    • Coverage by Steven
    • 6 Hours of Coverage
    • Super 8mm Film for Coverage





(Example Coming Soon) $1500



  • Q: What are Scene Credits and how do they work?
    • A: Think of Scene Credits as exactly that, credits.  Each collection includes a different amount of set $ credits that can be used for other additional videos, a second videographer, more super 8mm film, added coverage time, and other various items/services that are all listed above. These items are at no additional charge to the total cost of that Collection. // Example: Collection III has $1000 in Scene Credits.  You can use those credits to add the Featurette (Uses the entire $1000 credit) or a Ceremony Film ($500) AND Toasts Video ($500) equaling the full $1000 credit.
  • Q: What is Super 8mm Film?
    • A: Taken from Wikipedia “Super 8mm film is a motion picture film format released in 1965 as an improvement over the older “Double” or “Regular” 8 mm home movie format.”.  So basically Super 8 is a type of camera from the late 60’s – 70’s that shoots on real 8mm film that is not only unique looking but is also super f-ing cool!
  • Q: Besides the length, What is the difference between the 9-10 Minute Uncut Super 8mm Film and the Two Minute Uncut Super 8mm film?
    • A: I shoot both digitally and super 8mm for every wedding but because there is only one of me, there are times where I can’t capture both at the same time.  With the 9-10 Minute Super 8mm Film, you get a second shooter who’s sole purpose is to document and story tell the entire day in film.  And because they are only filming with the super 8mm camera, they are able to capture all the same bigs moments as I do digitally to make a more well rounded super 8mm film.
  • Q: What exactly is the Documentary Style Video?
    • The Documentary Style Video is kinda like the fun, backyard, homemade movies your parents would make! I go through the raw footage from the entire day, pick out the best parts and put together a “camcorder style” video that shows the day from start to finish including vows, toasts, bouquet toss, garter flinging, cake smashing and all the rad moments and dance moves your family and friends have to offer. These videos normally run between 45 – 90 minutes, so gather on the couch, make some popcorn and get comfy. (Actual video length will vary) This video can also be cut up in to separate videos upon request. (Ladies Preparation, Guys Preparation, Portrait Shots, Ceremony, Cocktail hour/Reception)
  • Q: Does the Featurette have the full ceremony and toasts?
    • The Featurette include the highlight moments from your ceremony as well as the best parts of the toasts.
  • Q: How long is your turn around time?
    • A: Most wedding films are completed in 6-8 weeks of your wedding date but because I shoot with real film, It has to be mailed off, processed, scanned and digitized which usually takes about 3 weeks. This time can vary and affect the actual turnaround of each wedding but once I receive the film back, most weddings are completed within 2-3 weeks of confirming your wedding film song.  Depending on the season, your videos can be finished in as quick as 2 or take as long as 12 weeks. With videography, there is a lot of post production that has to be done when making a killer film, this includes finding and culling the BEST shots, editing and creating the story, color correcting and grading (fancy way of saying, adding in my special beautiful color), followed by coffee, more editing, re-cuts, minor adjustments, even more coffee, more editing, and then the last final touches and critiquing.  I always strive to give my couples the absolute best wedding film possible so the best way to get an accurate turnaround time is to just ask!


  • The Featurette is a 20 and 25 minute film including the best clips presented in a longer edited fashion. It has moments where I leave in the sound from the camera to create a new vibe and also includes main highlights from the ceremony and toasts.
  • The Ceremony Film is a 20-25 minute video including 3 different camera angles with clear audio of bride & groom.
  • The Toasts Video is a fully edited video of toast from the wedding including bride/groom reaction angle & clear audio from DJ board.
  • The Uncut Super 8mm Film is a 9-10 minute fun, nostalgia vibed video shot by a second videographer who’s sole purpose is to capture the day in its own way on Super 8mm film!
  • The One Minute Tease Video is exactly that, a super creative, fun sized 1 minute video that’s perfect for sharing on social media and other outlets!
Prior to videography, I was in a professional national touring band, so when any opportunity arrises to drive or fly, I’m down!

    • Red Car Emoji Weddings within 3 hours of Los Angeles, no extra charge for travel.
    • Van Emjoi Weddings still within driving distance but not quite close enough (3-5 hours), I just ask for 2 nights of accommodations.
    • Airplane Emoji Any other distance, I just ask that my flight and hotel accommodations be covered.

Hotel Booking
I love driving and flying, it’s perfect for getting in the zone for your wedding but since I’ll be traveling in the day before, I would need a room for 2 nights (night before wedding and night of wedding). Some couples will get a block of hotel rooms for guest/family and will just add an extra room for me but if you would rather not have to worry about booking, I can search the average price of hotels or Airbnb’s (which can be significantly cheaper) within 15-20 minutes of your wedding location, confirm with you and add that amount into the final pricing.


  • Additional copies of your wedding videos on a custom USB drive – $25 per
  • Wish you could have a physical DVD for you and your family? No problem, add 3 DVD or Blue-ray’s with a full custom menu. – $100